Congratulations to our National Science Quiz 2023 Champions!

Live Audience

#1 – Guys Incognito
#2 – Zofia
#3 – Connor B
#4 – Harriet
#5 – Brasso


#1 – Georgii Khartcyzov
#2 – Avie Pandey
#3 – Lisa Ye
#4 – Hanh&Pamodha
#5 – John T

Secondary School Teams

#1 – Schrödingers chicken fingers, Brisbane State High School

#2 – A Brief History of Us, North Sydney Boys High School

#3 – Silly Billies, McKinnon Secondary College

#4 – Lucas and Jono, McKinnon Secondary College

#5 – The Lab Rats, North Sydney Boys High School



Charlie Pickering

  • Charlie Pickering

    As host of The Project for 5 years, Charlie was at the centre of one of Australian television’s most daring experiments, re-defining the way that hundreds of thousands of Australians see the news.

    As a stand-up comedian, Charlie has scored nominations for Best Newcomer in Edinburgh and the Melbourne Comedy Festival Award, as well scoring an invite to perform at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

    In 2015, Charlie premiered The Weekly with Charlie Pickering on ABC TV a satirical show that promises to restrict itself to discussing the preceding seven days. The Weekly is a prime time hit, enjoying its eighth season in 2022.

Simon Pampena

  • Simon Pampena

    Simon Pampena is a mathematician and science and maths communicator with 20 years’ experience performing for audiences in the US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Brazil, as well as all across Australia. He was the Australian Numeracy Ambassador from 2009 to 2017 and is a presenter on Discovery Channel’s ‘Outrageous Acts of Science’. He also hosts the ground-breaking YouTube channel ‘Numberphile’. Simon’s pioneering blend of comedy and mathematics has been wowing crowds around the world with numerous seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, and the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Combining comedy, story-telling, and performance with a deep love for mathematics, Simon joins us in 2023 as special guest team captain.

Nate Byrne

  • Nate Byrne

    Nate Byrne bounces onto our screens each morning as the ABC News Breakfast weather presenter, but behind all of that morning energy is a meteorologist, oceanographer, science communicator, former Navy officer and general nerd.

    From briefing senior military officers to performing science shows for kids, and taking all of us around the nation's weather in times of emergency or calm, Nate just can't get enough science.

    While weather is his speciality, Nate's excitement and curiosity about the world - combined with a brain full of useless facts and regularly-deployed dimples-to-die-for - makes him a self-appointed National Science Quiz assassin.

Paige Erpf

  • Paige Erpf

    Paige Erpf is post-doctoral researcher in the ARC Centre of Excellence of Synthetic Biology. She loves all things fungi. Her research focuses on developing the first synthetic yeast strain and engineering microbes to work together to help tackle problems arising from climate change.

    Paige recently performed her first comedy science talk at Enmore Theatre Wildflower bar. You’ll also often find her on the ski slopes or half way up a mountain sharing her research stories with friends, family, and strangers. She hopes to continue sharing her passion for science with others in unique and funny ways.

Marcy Robertson

  • Marcy Robertson

    Marcy could never decide if she wanted to be an artist or an engineer. She studied painting and then astrophysics, torn between the natural beauty of art and the structure of physics. Eventually she discovered mathematics as the natural union of both and attained a PhD in Algebraic Topology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Algebraic topology is an area of pure mathematics which uses geometry to solve difficult systems of equations arising in algebra, computer science and quantum physics.

    Marcy worked in Canada, France and her native United States before settling down in Australia 2015. She is now an Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow at The University of Melbourne where she enjoys advocating for increasing the public interest in the beauty of mathematics and the impact fundamental science can have on creative problem-solving.

Rebecca Allen

  • Rebecca Allen

    Dr Rebecca Allen is the Co-Director of Swinburne's Space Technology & Industry Institute, applying her scientific expertise to support Australia's growing space industry. Her PhD in astrophysics focused on evolution and growth of galaxies over time, going all the way back to when the Universe was barely a billion years old. Now she uses this knowledge to address challenges we face as our activities and dependency on space grow and how space can be used to help Earth; a keen interest in how Earth Observation can build climate change resilient communities and support critical industry. Dr Allen empowers learners via hands-on projects in areas like microgravity experimentation - providing important skills and experience by sending payloads to space. When not studying space or sending things there, she’s enthusiastically communicating wonders of the Universe to others and creating inspiring learning experiences.

Jon Whittle

  • Jon Whittle

    Jon Whittle is Director of CSIRO's Data61, the digital and data sciences arm of Australia's national science agency. With over 800 staff and affiliates, Data61 is one of the largest collections of R&D expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the world. Data61 partners with over 200 industry and government organisations, over 30 Universities, and works across vertical sectors in manufacturing, agriculture, and the environment. Prior to joining Data61, Jon was Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, the largest university in Australia. He was named CEO Magazine's 2019 Education Executive of the Year. Jon is also a former Technical Area Lead at NASA, where he worked on AI software for NASA space missions. Jon has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

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