Much more than trivia!

Join us for a fantastic night of science and fun with The National Science Quiz!

Hosted by Charlie Pickering from ABC-TV’s The Weekly and joined by some of Australia’s top scientists with our special guest team captains, each team will battle it out for the honour of being this year’s National Science Quiz champions.

While our teams discuss and ponder their quiz answers – our live audience can also play along for the chance to win a $500 cash prize!

Also Live-streaming via The National Science Quiz YouTube channel so you can play along at home to win $250 cash prize. Why not get a team together and make a night of it!

You can also submit a video science quiz question to put to our panellists for a chance to win $200!

They’ll be lots of science, laughs and fun and maybe even some slime! Register NOW!

Watch, join in, do both, or do either – whichever you choose the National Science Quiz will remind you how wonderful science really is!

An aurora is the phenomenon known on Earth as the northern or southern lights. On what planets can aurorae occur?